NAMA History

Native American Cultural and Diversity of Music Industries

When the Native American Music Association was first formed, it was with a hope that one day Native Americans in the United States could receive equal recognition as musicians. We are suceeding. Until our organization, the music of Native Americans remained hidden from the mainstream. N.A.M.A. provides the needed inspiration for those who remain isolated on reservations who want to share the gift of music with the world. Today, The Native American Music Association is the largest & only professional membership based organization for the advancement of Native American music initiatives & expressions across the country and around the globe.

For the past 16 years, we have produced the various programs including the country’s greatest celebration of Native American music, the Native American Music Awards. Our programs honor our Native song makers, foster pride in our First Nations young people, and provide national and international exposure, celebrating our gifts of musical expression with others around the world. We create additional opportunities for our Award winning artists to serve as important role models for our Native American youth, inspiring them to follow their dreams, to be successful, to lead healthy lives for future generations.

Today, we are the World's Leading Resource for Contemporary and Traditional Native American Music Initiatives consisting of over 200 Advisory members and 20,000 registered voting members. Our Association promotes diversity and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of our nation’s first people on a national and growing global level. Our organization is committed to preserving Native American culture and continuing the traditions of our ancestors through traditional and contemporary music initiatives and programs. Native American Music is strong and alive and we remain the only legitimate and professional organization exclusively committed to preserving and promoting Native American music today. We acquire approximately 150 to 200 recording entries each and every year. We showcase over 30 different Native American music genres each year at our annual Awards ceremony while adding new categories when necessary. The Native American Music Awards celebrates a cultural revival through those that have preserved, adapted and prospered in the fields of traditional and contemporary musical excellence.

Join us in preserving the history and heritage of Native American for all of America through our arts and education programs.